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How To Play

What is PixxPros


Pix Pros is a subscription-based membership club for sports fans, where fans can gain access to exclusive content and promotions and participate in a sports prediction game (betting contests) for fun and prizes.


The different types of currency at PixxPros


Before you start playing, it's important to understand the different types of real and virtual currencies at PixxPros, and when each type of currency is used. When you log in, at the top right of the screen you will see your current balance in real cash ($) and virtual PixxPros dollars (P$):



Real cash is in USD and represents funds that you can withdraw and spend. Real cash can be won by participating in limited entry contests that give out cash prizes.


P$ are used to gain access to limited entry contests that have an entry fee. You can win P$ by playing in free entry contests that give out P$ as prizes, by becoming a VIP member which gives you a certain amount of P$ every month, or via social activity (referring other players to the site, sharing updates on social networks).


When you join a contest, you will notice a third type of virtual currency - tournament dollars (T$). These are specific to each contest and 2 represent your current balance in that particular contest. When a new contest starts, you get a specified starting amount of T$ (it's the same for all players, but the amount varies from contest to contest). You can 'wager' T$ when placing your selections in the contest, and you can win or lose T$ depending on the outcome of the games you've wagered on. After the contest is over, your T$ disappear and they can't be used outside the contest.


Selecting a contest to join


You need to join a contest before you can play (the system won't place you automatically in any contests). There is no limit on the number of contests you can play simultaneously, but some contests have entry restrictions or an entry 'fee' in P$. You can find the list of upcoming contests on the home page or in the tournament lobby (click the ‘Lobby’ button to get there): 



The 'Entry' column shows the Entry fee (in P$) you need to enter the contest, or 'Free' if there is no entry requirement. You can also see the contest title, sports/leagues included, prizes, entries (current and maximum number of players in the contest), and the contest start/end times. 3 Click the 'Join' button to go to the contest dashboard and see the full contest settings:



This screen shows additional information about the contest. Click the 'Full Rules' button in the 'Rules' section to see the complete contest rules (starting bankroll, minimum/maximum bet amounts, minimum/maximum number of bets per days and per contest, elimination rules). These rules are explained in the next section.


Once you've decided you like the contest, click the 'Join this Contest' button to join. If the contest has an entry 'fee' in P$, your account will be charged immediately. Note that all entry fees are in P$ - there are no contests that require any payments in real money. 


Types of contests and contest rules


All currently offered PixxPros contests have the same general goal - to reach the maximum amount of T$ at the end of the contest. However, in order to qualify for a prize, every player must also meet the contest 4 requirements as explained in the 'Full Rules' section. Here's a rundown of the contest options and rules: 


Start/End time: contests have different lengths (daily, weekly, monthly, season). Bets can only be placed after the contest start time. Only games starting before the end time are included in the selections.


Players (current/max): contests have a maximum number of players. You can see at any time what's the maximum and how many players have already joined. Once the maximum is reached, you will not be able to join the contest.


Bet types: the possible bet types are Spread, Money Line (Run Line for MLB / Puck Line for NHL), and Total (Over/Under). Some contests will not offer all possible bet types. You can see which bet types are allowed in the contest rules. Here’s a quick explanation of the different bet types: Spread - you bet on a side (team) which must cover a handicap (spread / line) for the bet to win. Example: (NBA) you bet on GSW and the spread is -8.5. It means that GSW must win by 9 points or more for the bet to win. Example 2: (NBA) you bet on NYK +4.5. This means that you bet will win if NYK win outright or lose by 4 points or less. Money Line - you bet on a side (team) which must win outright for the bet to win. Total - you bet on the total points (runs, goals) scored in the game, compared to a line set by the site. Example: (NFL) NE - KC. The line is set at 56.5 and you bet on 'over'. If the end result is 30 - 27, your bet wins (since the total points scored are 57). If the end result is 27 - 24, you lose (since the total points scored are 51).


Overtime is included when calculating all bet outcomes (including spreads and totals), and pushes are possible for spreads/totals (if the end result is exactly at the line). A push would void the bet and return the bet amount into your bankroll. A push would still count towards your minimum/maximum number of bets requirements per the contest rules


Sport: contests might be limited to just a specific league (e.g. NFL), or might offer multiple leagues/sports. 


Minimum/Maximum Bet: the minimum and maximum amount of T$ you can bet on a single selection. Note that you can bet more than that on a single game, if using different selections (e.g. if the maximum is T$1000, you can bet T$1000 each on the spread, money line, and total of the same game).


Number of bets: there might be limits on the minimum/maximum number of bets required each day, or for the whole duration of the contest. Be careful with the minimum bets’ requirement (especially if there is a daily limit) since failing to post the minimum number of bets even on a single day will disqualify you! When determining the daily limit, a day is defined as starting at midnight MST. The minimum limit is not applied to the first and last day of the contest (since the contest might start late in the day, just before the day switch, or might finish early on the last day before any games are available). The maximum limit is still applied though. 


Elimination: the contest might be played in survivor mode. In that mode, a certain number of participants are regularly eliminated from 6 the contest (based on the current standings). The exact elimination rules will be specified in the contest rules, since they can vary from contest to contest. Example: a monthly contest might eliminate the bottom 10% of participants every week). 


Playing a contest 


Once the contest starts, the dashboard shows your current position, total balance (in T$), available balance (in T$, this is equal to your total balance minus your open bets), how many bets you've posted and the maximum allowed, and how many games are currently available to bet on. You can also see all of your bets (open and completed): 



If you want to post additional bets, click the 'Post Bets' button. You will see all available games and the available selections for each game (depending on the contest settings):



You can filter the games by league. Games are shown in chronological order. You can only bet on a game before its start time - once a game starts, betting on it is locked (there is no live betting).


You can see the line and odds for each selection. Here's an explanation of the odds:

Odds displayed as a positive number (e.g. +100) - this is the amount you will win if you bet T$100. In the case of +100, you will win T$100 for a bet of T$100 (so your total payout will be T$200). Odds displayed as a negative number (e.g. -110) - this is the amount you need to bet to win T$100. In this example, if you bet T$110 you will win T$100 for a total payout of T$210.


Once you click on a selection, it appears in the list of 'Current Selections'. You can pick multiple selections (from the same or different games) but you can only place single bets (no parlays or teasers are allowed), so you have to enter the amount you want to bet on each row. The amount you bet must be within the allowed limits 8 (minimum and maximum bet amount allowed per the contest rules), and you must have an available balance that's at least equal to the total amount you want to bet.


When you're finished with your selections, click 'Post Picks' to finalize your bets. Note that once your bets are posted, you cannot change them.


Tracking the contest standings and other players' picks 


The contest dashboard shows your current position, the total number of players and the Top 5 standings. Click the 'Full Standings' button to see the full contest standings:



You can see the total balance of each player (the standings are based on it), the 'Risked' amount (the total amount of open bets this player has), and the number of total bets/pending bets of the player. You can also click 'View Picks' to see the picks of any player:



Note that for games that haven't started yet, you can see which games the player has played on, but you cannot see their exact selections (sides). Once a game starts, the full details of all bets on it are revealed. For past games, you can also see the final score and the bet result (win/loss/push).