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About Us



If it is the ultimate fantasy sportsbook contest experience you are looking for, we at Pixx Pros are here to bring you a completely new level of excitement. On the gameday, we are sure to bring you the best sportsbook contest experience for all major US professional sports unlike you have experienced before. At Pixx Pros, we bring you daily, weekly, monthly and season-long tournaments played using virtual Pixx Pros currency. Of course, Pixx Pros games are 100% legal.


Pixx Pros operate strictly following the US sweepstakes laws. Additionally, there is nothing of value that is ever used in our Pixx Pros tournaments. Rest assured that you are safe and secured when playing at Pixx Pros.  The idea behind Pixx Pros is simply to provide you with fun, exhilarating experience playing your fantasy games without risking your money. That is right. You can play with us without any risk to your money.


Why Pixx Pros?


The idea behind the creation of Pixx Pros came from when we are looking for an alternative to fantasy sports. When you are not sure who to pull for your players on your roster when they go up against your team, Pixx Pros is here to offer you a new level of fun and excitement.


When you do not want the commitment of having to keep up with it all season, you will find that Pixx Pros is a unique place that offers you just the right benefits. Pixx Pros is like a combination of fantasy sports and virtual sportsbook. However, in Pixx Pros you do not risk your money. Thus, sports fun is left with all the fun that Pixx Pros is here to offer.


Here with us, you can enjoy bragging rights with your friends. In addition, you can enjoy accumulated achievements and awards placing in every tournament. This you can enjoy while also tracking your contest stats for all sports over time.  Now, if you are looking for more features and benefits you can enjoy, there are more if you sign up for our VIP club membership.


Being a VIP club member, you can take advantage of exclusive offers and additional benefits. One of these exclusive offers is our new app, which lets you access more than 200 000 retailers allowing you to show coupons right on the spot using your phone. This way, you can save up to 50% on all places all over the US. If you decide to be part of Pixx Pros, you can sign up for a 14-day trial.


This alternative means granting you entry to win cash and prizes as well as many exclusive offers. If you want to know more about this, please see our Terms and Conditions page for requirements and eligibility. If you want to always be on the loop, you can by simply following Pixx Pros on our social media pages in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google. Here, you can check regularly for any new contests and events that Pixx Pros have for you!