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frequently asked questions

  • How does the Pixx Pros Special Coupon deals work?

    Its very simple! As a VIP member you get access to our web portal and “show your phone” app. Everyday savings of up to 50% off At over 350,000 merchants nationwide,. Serving 100% of top U.S. markets. In over 10,000 cities and towns. 200,000+ "Show Your Phone" mobile coupons, Over 500 national brands. The Pixx Pros App is the best out there! It’s not just any deals, but savings of up to 50% at neighborhood restaurants, retail stores, hotels, auto shops and more, redeemable in virtually every market in America. Not only does it use GPS functionality to find the nearest deals, but its on-screen coupons are welcomed at over 200,000 merchant locations throughout America – with no printed coupons necessary, and no confusion at the point of sale.

  • Is Pixx Pros leagal?

    Yes it is 100% legal! There is never any entry fees, buy in, or consideration to enter tournaments. There is never any risk on a players part.

  • How does the free 14 days trial work?

    You are granted a free 14 days trail that you may cancel at any time without any cost to you. A credit card is required at sign up of your trial and will be billed at the end of the free trial.

  • What does the VIP membership include?

    Members will have access to exclusive savings on Pixx Pros coupon portal as well as an app. This benefit will save you up to 50% from 350,000 national retails on items and services that most utilize already! In addition to our discount program portal, you also have access to our app that you can simply “show your phone” and local retailer right on site. Other benefits you can test your knowledge on our exclusive Pixx Pros trivia section, social forums, event tickets, and team attire. As a VIP member you are able able to enter any tournament to win cash and prizes, and qualify for the season championship tournament!